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The 4 elements of Ho-Am TaeKwonDo

The 4 Elements of Ho-Am TaeKwonDo

By Dale Page (One of Johnson's Tiger Rock Black Belts) 

HoAm TaeKwonDo is built upon 4 basic elements; Essence, Philosophy, Mission and Journey.  These 4 elements work together to define HoAm TaekwonDo and contribute to its uniqueness and successfulness.

Essence is defined as the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something which determines its character.  The essence of HoAm TaeKwonDo is based upon four principles which when practiced by the student result in its uniqueness.  These principles define how the student practices and performs the movements in TaeKwonDo.  The first principle is “Balanced Posture Alignment” and it defines the relationship, position and alignment of body parts at a specific period in time.  The proper practice of this principle reduces the possibility of injury and helps in effective delivery of techniques.  The second principle is “Extended Plane Dynamic Force” which defines the line of movement in HoAm TaeKwonDo.  This principle works with the nature movement of the student’s limbs to safely create power.  The third principle is “CAT or Controlled Acceleration and Timing” which defines the timing and tempo of HoAm TaeKwonDo movements.  CAT creates rhythmic movements which contribute to the effectiveness, safety and artistic beauty of the form.  The forth principle is “Mindfulness Living and Training” which defines the students attention to the balance of mind and body and to the concept of Presence, the awareness of the moment.  The practice of this principle enhances the students perception of the moment during experiences at TaeKwonDo or during normal everyday activates.

Philosophy is defined as a theory or attitude that guides one behavior.  The philosophy of HoAm TaeKwonDo is based upon the universal principle of the “Law of Harvest” and its 7 Tenets; Honor, Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, Courage and Community.  The “Law of Harvest” is basically you reap what you sow, in TaeKwonDo you get out what you put in.  The seven tenets are our basic guiding principles and along with the Siberian Tiger, the symbol of HoAm TaeKwonDo, endangered in modern times.  HoAm TaeKwonDo strives to create a balance between mind and body and to respect the students’ personal beliefs.

Mission is defined as a strongly felt aim or calling.  The mission of HoAm TaeKwonDo is to guide the organizations’ continued growth and development along with the empowerment of instructors and students to enrich their personal, professional and artistic growth, which leads to the protection of the tenets.  The growth and development of the organization is based on the tenet of community and not business and strives to combine modern research with the ancient traditions to develop the artistic principles.  HoAm TaeKwonDo encourages students to improve their body, mind and spirit, to create a better world and to do what is right.

Journey is defined as an act of travelling from one place to another.  The journey of HoAm TaeKwonDo is an individual journey and is defined by the individual and influenced by instructors and mentors.  The journey is one of physical and mental development and improvement, learning physical techniques to develop the artistic mind.

Dale A. Page

January 21, 2009

hoam Tiger Rock TaekwonDo movements Honor Courtesy Integrity Perseverance Self Control mind and body Courage and Community philosophy


Johnson's Tiger Rock Martial Arts in Cary Testimonials

"Our daughter joined Johnson's TKD about 4 months ago. She is 4 years old and simply loves it. We are the traditional sports family. Basketball, baseball, volleyball, track & field, but not TKD. My daughter's preschool classmate introduced us to this academy. It has been full steam ahead. She has developed and improved leadership skills, focus, and overall confidence needed to thrive within her school activities and personally. She interacts well all cultures which matches her school room setting and this alone makes her feel at home. The Johnsons welcomed us with open arms immediately upon meeting us. I cannot think of a better academy to attend. Other families and parents are certainly supportive. We will be here for a long time to come. Try it for yourself. I know once our son turns 4, he will participate at this academy as well.?"

Donna Barton
Cary, North Carolina

"Johnson's Taekwondo of Cary provides the motivation to stay with an exercise program. It is a full body workout with a focus on safety to ensure it can be done long term. I started with Johnson's Tae kwon do 5 years ago at the age of 39 and am healthy and strong because of the ongoing draw that this type of exercise program can provide. It is more than exercise for the body, because here they teach exercise for the mind and we are challenged to do more for ourselves, our families and our communities. My two children also take TKD through this academy and have become solid contributing citizens and leaders. I attribute their success to the physical and educational lessons they received at this school.?"

Rita Lewitt
Cary, North Carolina


"I am proud to say that my son goes to Johnson's TaeKwonDo Academy. The owners make sure that they know each child and parent on sight. They are friendly and always willing to discuss your child's progress and performance. They do amazing work in the community and foster a sense of community service and dedication in all the students. They have participated in St. Baldrick's Cancer Fundraising and Habitat for Humanity. It is more important to be a part of the community and help others than your rank. The Johnsons are dedicated to improving their students not only in TaeKwonDo but also in life skills. They make sure that their students get an Intent to Promote signed by their school teacher and parents. This ensures that the students are well rounded and respectful in all aspects of their lives. I'm so glad that we were recommended to Johnson's TaeKwonDo Academy!!"

Deb Daniels
Cary, North Carolina


"My son has attended lessons at Johnson's Taekwondo since last March (about 8 months). He is six years old. I am pleased to say that he has improved his ability to focus as well as his understanding of being respectful and being a good listener. He is excited to attend lessons and he just attended his first tournament. I am thrilled with his enthusiasm and everything he has learned. Bryson and Melissa Johnson are very easy to work with. They have the students' best interests at heart in terms of helping the students learn Taekwondo and encouraging them to think about how all of their lessons can be applied in everything they do in life. It has truly been an outstanding experience for my son (and everyone else involved).?"

Donna Barton
Cary, North Carolina

"Johnson's Taekwondo Academy is not only a 5-star Taekwondo facility, but also a 5-star Leadership academy. Through the leadership skills I acquired through Taekwondo, I established an SAT Math Program to raise money for St. Baldrick's foundation. Encompassing all the necessary topics for the SAT and a few tricks I used in my 7th grade SAT, the SAT course is a great way to not only improve math skills, but also help St. Baldrick's Foundation.?"

Tejas Sundaresan
Cary, North Carolina



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